Club Constitution

                                                                             CLUB CONSTITUTION

Last Amended 19/05/2015

1. Name:

The name of the group shall be: Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club.

2. Objectives:

To provide, maintain and sustain facilities to promote and encourage participation in the sport of Association Football for both male and female members of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club, the local and surrounding community and by doing so improve their conditions of life in the interest of social welfare.

3. Powers:

In order to further objectives, Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club shall have the power to,

3.1 Employ and pay staff adequately if the need should arise.
3.2 Acquire and properly dispose of property, subject to any consent required by the Law of the land.
3.3 Invest funds in any lawful manor provided that professional investment advice is sort and obtained whenever it is prudent to do so.
3.4 To raise funds by any lawful means and not to the detriment towards any investor except by means of permanent trading.
3.5 To lawfully and with consent, accept gifts either for the general purpose of the association or for a specific purpose within or connected to such items obtained for the benefit of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club or a worthy cause associated to it.
3.6 Do anything within the law which is necessary to maintain and sustain the long term sustainability and well being of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club, its members, associations, and both the local and surrounding community.

4. Membership:

4.1 Membership shall be open to any individual, regardless of race, gender or religious belief from the age of 7 to 16 years of age (with guardianship permission and supervision) and from 17 years of age onwards (without guardianship permission), or organisational representation who agree with the objectives set by the Football Club and agrees to meet any financial subscription set by the Management Committee of the Club.
4.2 Every member shall have one vote, as and when required to do so on issues that are deemed import for the development of the Club.
4.3 If the Management Committee consider a members actions, attitude or intentions to be to the detriment of the Club, directed inappropriately towards a fellow member / representative, visitor or a person from both the local or surrounding area, will require from him or her, the case in question to be put before a full Management Committee hearing.
4.4 Where a full Management Committee hearing is satisfied the case put by or on behalf of the member concerned that the member should be ask to leave the association of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club, it may terminate that membership by written notice which will be both from immediate effect and that notice final.

5. The Management Committee:

5.1 The Management Committee of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club should consist of; not less than three members and not more than fifteen members at any time within its structure.
5.2 The Management Committee officers must include; A Chair Person, Secretary and a Treasurer. Other officers may be appointed and given roles within the Committee at the Management Committees discretion or when an appropriate role presents itself.
5.3 The Management Committee shall meet no less than four times per calendar year with a formal and accurate record of the meetings shall be kept and distributed at the Management Committees discretion.
5.4 The quorum required for the Management Committee shall be ten of serving, including no less than two officers.
5.5 Each Management Committee Member shall have one vote. If the vote is tied then the Chair of the Management Committee shall have the second casting vote.
5.6 The Management Committee shall have the power to co opt up to and no more than three members onto the Management Committee to fill vacant places or positions until the next Annual General Meeting. Each co opted member will have one vote.

6. General Meetings:

6.1 The Club Secretary shall give a twenty one day notice of a general meeting inclusive of Bank Holidays to all members. He or she also has the power to demand an extra ordinary meeting if the cause is just, an issue that is beneficial or damaging to the Club needing urgent attention, the safety and well being of members, representatives, associations or the local or surrounding community as long as there are three officers present and a true and accurate record of events are recorded.
6.2 All members shall be entitled to attend and vote if required to do so at the meeting dependant of availability.
6.3 Ten members or a quarter of the membership, whichever is the smaller (including a minimum of two officers) shall be the quorum.
6.4 The general meeting will have an agenda and formality will be observed throughout.
6.5 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in June of every year with the exact date to be confirmed by the Club Secretary, after the present Football Season is closed for all teams of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club. A full report of the years activities and accounts shall be presented to all assembled.
6.6 Both Nominations for Officers and Committee members will be made at the AGM for the forthcoming year.
6.7 Officers and Committee members will be elected on a show of hands and will serve from the end of the AGM to the end of the following AGM, dependant on personal circumstances or well being.
6.8 The Management Committee may call a special general meeting at any time. If ten members request such a meeting in writing then the Club Secretary must call one.

7. Finance:

7.1 Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club is a none profitable organisation and will always remain so. Any surplus income or gains are to be invested or reinvested into the Football Club. At NO time is there to be any distribution of any Club assets in gifts or cash or otherwise to its members or third parties. This will not however prevent the Club making donations to Registered Charities or other Clubs that are designated as Community Amateur Sports Clubs shall the occasion arise.
7.2 The Club Treasurer shall keep a true and accurate account of all financial incomings and outgoings and shall present them for examination at the AGM..
7.4 There shall be one or more Bank or Building Society Accounts in the name of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club. There must be a minimum of two Management Committee Members, not to be related, who have to sign cheques.
7.5 Management Committee Members may claim a reasonable amount of out of pocket expenses on terms approved by the Management Committee as long as receipts are produced for such expenditure. No other payments shall be made to members of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club Management Committee.

8. Amendments:

Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of the Management Committee Members present at a general meeting, providing Twenty One days notice of the proposed amendments have been sent to all members.

9. Dissolution:

9.1 A resolution to dissolve Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club must be approved by a two thirds majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting providing that twenty one days notice has been given to ALL members.
9.2 In the event of a resolution to dissolve the group, any assets remaining after the clearing of all debts and liabilities shall be given to an approved registered charity or sporting organisation who will have similar objectives.

10. Copies of the Constitution:

A copy of this Constitution shall be given or made available to all members of Penrhiwceiber Rangers Football Club prior to the start of every playing season along with all other literature deemed valuable to its members.